To Hire a Makeup Artist for My Wedding Day or Not?

To Hire a Makeup Artist for My Wedding Day or Not?

You have made a big investment in your day already. From the photographer to the caterer, the venue and the DJ all in order to make your day perfect. You will want to make sure you absolutely look your best. There is something special that just makes your day better when you get a little pampered and your makeup is on point.

Here is really why should hire a professional:

Even though you’re great at doing your own makeup, a makeup and hair artist can do it so much better. I mean, after all, that is their job. I recommend hiring a good makeup and hair artist if you don’t normally do your own makeup. They know what will look good on you and can make it look natural and flawless.

Makeup artists use high-grade makeup. This is important because nothing is worse than having raccoon eyes by the time your first dance comes up. If you shed tears easily then definitely need a makeup that can stand up to all the emotions of the day. Most makeup artists also know what works best for cameras. Some powders cause a sheen that will only make your photos a bit too sparkly if you know what I mean.

On your wedding day, you’re going to be moving around all day and you want your makeup to last. You’ll need to be wearing about 30% more makeup than normal. It may seem like a lot in real life, because you’re not used to it, but it won’t look like a lot on camera. Makeup artists know exactly how much to put on.

I always suggest a trial run for your day. I love false eyelashes, what photographer doesn’t, but you may not. I try to have any of my brides have the trial run done for the engagement photos. It can be toned down just a bit or go for dramatic. Either way it is a great way to see what you like and to know what you do not like.

And lastly, they know your schedule and can help keep you on track by making sure to have you ready in time. This is probably one of the most important things I consult with my brides on. Time can go so fast and before you know it is time to walk down that aisle. Make sure your makeup artist has enough time to accomplish what they need. This is another reason having a trial run is important. A seasoned wedding makeup artist is going to know time is important and will have a good idea of how long they will need. If they are working on more than one of your girls, it is always best to have the bride be last so that she is looking her best.

I offer suggestions of local makeup artists and hairstylists all the time to my couples. There is quite a bit of talent out there but some of my favorites is Ebony with Bombshell Beauty Bar in Centerville and Pinned Up Salon in Vandalia.

— Melanie S. Robison is a Wedding and Portrait Photographer Serving Ohio and South West Florida (Tampa and Sarasota areas). With years of experience and quality you can trust at an affordable price. Creative – beautiful – IMAGINATIVE

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