Bridesmaids Gifts

Let’s talk bridesmaid’s gifts. Should you get a gift for each of your girls? YES! It is a great way to show your appreciation for all the work they help you out with leading up to and on your big day. I find that personalized gifts make it even more thoughtful and a stronger of impression that you were thinking about just them. Now you do not have to break the bank when getting all them a gift. Choosing something functional and something they can use again and again is always well received. Not to mention a great photo opportunity for your photographer to capture you and bridesmaids together.

I received an insulated sports bottle that came from Bridesmaid Gift Boutique.  Let me tell you it is gorgeous and is of nice quality.  It has a lid on it that seals so no spills which is perfect for me running around and even putting in my bag.  I do not have to worry about it spilling.  Having something personalized is also nice because with so many of us having sports bottles I know this one is mine.

Bridesmaid Gift Boutique sells this bottle for $19.99 regularly but is on sale now currently for $17.99. Not a bad price point for such a nice bottle. I checked out the rest of what they had to offer online and they have some really cute stuff. From Robes to gift boxes to tumblers to even those cute personalized hangers. If you are in the search for some of these items please go check out so many cute ideas.

I know that it says Bridesmaids Gifts but really I think these would make great gifts anytime. Girls trips or even the bachelorette party. Here is a photo of my tumbler below

Personalized Wedding Gifts from Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique make some of the best.

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