2017 In Review

Where to begin? 2017 was an amazing year for us at MSRcreations Photography. I met so many people and shot quite a bit. I have so many favorites they are really hard to choose. As we move into 2018 there is so much I want to accomplish next year and cannot wait to see some of you again. I have so many new ideas up my sleeves and really want 2018 to be the year where we create some of the best and most treasured memories. I wont go into detail about that now but just telling the new plans I have for the future will only make things even better and I think my past clients who come back every year will excited just as much as my new clients I meet for the first time.

I decided to include in one blog some of my favorite images of you all. A photographers favorite collection. The following images are not in any order of favorites but just how I have come across them in my computer.

The Holley Wedding — where to begin? So many new things for me here with this wedding. Below I have included the awesome veil shot we got (high full sun a photographer’s challenge) but this is probably one of my favorites because it just happened perfectly. I know that the Holley’s love this image as well and that just puts a smile on my face.

The image below I am most proud of. I had been learning about all kinds of creative flash things and this was the first time I tried it out. I always tell my clients (if we have time during a wedding) that I have never done this before so it may turn out awesome or you may never see it all — Sophia and Liam were amazing in allowing for us to do this. This is why when your photographer says hey can we try this — you should let them because you may get an amazing shot. This was actually during high sun but me an my second shooter who assisted in placing the flash for me as I shot this we turned this image into night. One of my favorites probably always will be. Love the richness of the sky and the colors with her colors pop so well.

To mix things up from weddings — one of my favorite “milestone” images from this cake smash and splash is one of my favorites. I love his excitement and the bubbles and just the contrast of this image.

This is one of my favorite dress images from a wedding. This is at the Mill Springs Hotel in Yellow Springs, Ohio. It is such a gorgeous small hotel, in a small town that is unique.

This was the year of weddings where most of the weddings did not have long veils and when I saw this one I go so excited. This was a quite moment with just Mom and Daughter. Just finishing up the last minutes touches. So glad I could capture this moment between these two. This wedding was at Gatherings on the Green in Phillipsburg, Ohio

Bridal party fun! This is one of my favorites just because this group was so fun and loved the colors the shoes, just all around fun. This was at Rolling Meadows Ranch in Lebanon Ohio.

How can you NOT love a bubble exit??? This was a Friday wedding and was such a sweet ceremony. Very intimate wedding (totally how I would do it if I ever had to do it again). These two are so amazing cute though.

This wedding was probably the MOST fun reception when it comes to dancing. Every single guest got up and danced. These two were part of a swing dance group in college and let me tell you how amazing it was to watch them all. It surely kept me on my feet and moving. I think I love the flow of her dress here, the dramatic lighting. Surely a favorite of mine for this year. This was at Carillon Park – Transportation Center in Dayton, Ohio.

This sunset was on FIRE. Another one of those moments that it was like Hey I want to try something and the clients were like sure (this is after I say ok we are done — but how could you not want to shoot the sunset??) Love this couple and cannot wait to capture their big day in 2018.

Probably not the best of images but this is hand held in Marion’s Pizza – no flash. I just like the angle and the intensity of my Nephew’s face. He really wanted to win.

I love this photo. It is not your normal posed photo – it is a family playing together. This is something that might actually happen in the course of their day. I love this because these are the moments that are most important that fly by and sometimes do not get captured (real life). Of course we got some posed shots but this is my favorite of them all.

This is my Brother and his wife during the rehearsal for their wedding. It is just a photo I was like here do this so I can try my new camera out. No flash, pure dark with the globe at the Boonshoft Museum in the background.

This couple hates getting their photos taken. They did so good during the wedding. I think it was more of hating being center of attention and I get it, I do not like it either really. Plus I hate photos of myself. This was just a fun picture that was in the tightest of spaces – literally no room and a lot of people — it was just for fun but I love it and hope they do too.

These are the first part of my 2017 in review favorites. I will be posting another blog shortly with my next round of 2017 favorites.

Don’t worry if you do not see your image here doesn’t mean I didn’t love it. There are so many. I am truly blessed and love being able to do what I love.

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